Toothpaste Packaging Design
[Цыц!] "Tsyts!" (shh!) is an interjection expressing a strict request to be quiet or to make someone stop talking. It is both strict and playful at the same time.

When you are brushing teeth you are supposed to be quiet and focus on the process to make it more efficient. That's how the name for the toothpaste appeared. We use toothpaste to clean teeth and make breath fresh. It is a simple healthcare product that is supposed to make our teeth healthy and beautiful.

Mostly people think of brushing teeth as of unpleasant daily routine. According to statistics many people still try to skip brushing teeth in the evening. While working on the project we were thinking of how we could turn the annoying routine of brushing teeth not only into positive habit, but also into daily ritual, like meditation.

Brushing teeth is a daily habit. So the concept for the toothpaste packaging design we came up with is also simple, minimalistic, clean and fresh. It is not overloaded with scientific formulas and does not convey any medical style design references showing lost teeth or dental caries which can be disturbing to many people.

The design based on bold experimental typography will definitely help the toothpaste stand out on the shelf at the supermarket. A bright pure colour palette gives an opportunity to scale the concept over different types of toothpaste (whitening, with calcium, with charcoal, etc.)

"Tsyts!" is a contemporary lifestyle toothpaste brand which focuses on being in the present moment, or the "here and now." The toothpaste packaging is a promise: "Shh! Just close your mouth, brush your teeth properly and it will be all fine!"

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