Museum of St. Petersburg
Rebranding and Visual Identity
The new visual identity of Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-garde, which is also the only existing museum of Russian avant-garde, presents an absolutely new image of an art museum – vivid, animated, interactive, contemporary and, first and foremost, open to all kinds of audience.

The new visual system is based on art theories and experiments on coloгr, sound and perception of coloгr of Russian cubo-futurists and avant-garde artists. Identity simultaneously reflects the Museum's unique history and tradition as well as its new future role as one of the major cultural destinations of St. Petersburg. The new visual identity should both further the museum's traditions and revitalize the museum creating a modern feel within a historic context.

The logo is inspired by an image of a crystal structure, a popular metaphor among the avant-garde artists. At the heart of the identity there is an idea of movement, of flight, a flood of light passing through the crystal, which convex and concave shapes create vibration on the plane abolishing a sense of gravity and forming a new measure of space. The composition of typography types simulates destruction of the past, of the outdated ideas and obsolete museum images with new ideas and a new approach to the exhibition design.

The crystal structure is a flexible and playful composition and could be easily applied to everything from printing products and museum souvenirs to exhibition design and guidance system constructing a strong visual platform through the whole Museum.
Red Dot Communication Design Award 2011
New Museum Token Design Contest

Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-garde

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