Unit F Kilim
Carpet Design
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Unit F Kilim is a handmade, flat tapestry-woven wool carpet inspired by the architecture of the iconic Constructivist building — Narkomfin Building. The carpet is hand-woven with the use of traditional weaving techniques and high-quality natural wool. It takes about three months of daily work to create one carpet.

The Narkomfin Building was designed by Moisei Ginzburg and Ignaty Milinis in 1928. The house was designed for high rank employees at the Commissariat of Finance (shortened to Narkomfin) as an utopian experimental project and became one of the renowned examples of Constructivist architecture. The building was an architectural and social experiment in the daily life of the ideal socialist citizen.

Moisei Ginzburg wrote that the house should "accurately and modestly satisfy the diverse needs and demands of a person and, while setting him or her free, it should contribute both to the person's productive and creative work and joyful leisure." Same is the nature of Unit F Kilim.
After 90 years the Narkomfin Building still remains a dream house, a ship hovering over Moscow. This carpet tells the story of a great architectural and social experiment, desperate search for something new, apartment units type K and type F, a totally new mode of life, a desire for change and overall equality. This is a story of perfection, utopian insights, a dream of a new world order, freedom and a structure made of colour and music.

Limited edition. Handmade.
Material: Natural 100% wool.
Size: 100x200 cm.

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