Musica Mensurata
Music Festival Visual Identity
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Musica Mensurata (Lat. Measured music) is an annual international medieval music festival in Moscow, Russia. It's a unique project bringing to the public authentic music written more than a thousand years ago (X-XIV centuries). Vocal music is performed in its original languages: from Medieval Latin to Middle High German.

Festival's diverse program brings together musicians and medieval music fans from all over the world giving a chance to play and hear compositions that have never been performed in Russia before, on authentic rare historical instruments like vielle, citole, gigue, cithara etc. And of course pipe organ.

Design Studio Baklazanas developed minimalistic black and white visual identity concept of the festival featuring simple monochromatic patterns across a clean typographic layout.

The inspiration for the key visual came the shapes of a pipe organ and sound wave combined together an appealing visual was language representing rhythm, melody, and flow.

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