Visual Identity and Branding
Project dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Konstantin Melnikov's death (1890-1974)

Project [ME-SHU] includes identity and series of souvenirs inspired by the cooperation between the two most famous Russian architects of the XX century - Konstantin Melnikov and Vladimir Shukhov. Konstantin Melnikov, the leader of Soviet architectural avant-garde, called the construction of Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage "the start of my Golden Season" (1927-1933).

For Vladimir Shukhov, one of the most famous Russian engineers of the XX century, this innovative project with an unprecedented free-flow layout was one of the latest projects.

The "golden season" of 1927 continued with a chain of innovative projects including large garage buildings strongly shaped the face of Moscow of 1920's:
Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage (K. Melnikov, V. Shukhov, 1926-1927)
Novo-Ryazanskaya Street Garage ("Horseshoe garage") (K. Melnikov and V. Shukhov, 1926-1929)
Intourist Garage (K. Melnikov with V. Kurochkin, 1933-1936)
Gosplan Garage (K. Melnikov with V. Kurochkin, 1934-1936)

From the joint authorship of Russia's most famous architects of the XX century appeared this new architectural avant-garde formula: an expressive form, an innovative functional layout and a perfect structure.

The four garage buildings as well as separate architectural elements (building layout, spiral staircase, windows, metal floor structures) were transferred into symbolic dynamic compositions.

A special part of the project is devoted to the two most famous buildings of K. Melnikov and V. Shukhov - Melnikov House (1927-1929) and Shukhov tower (1920-1922). Right now these mains symbols of the XX century architecture and extraordinary icons of world culture are complete on the verge of utter destruction.

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