Visual Identity Rebranding
Excoursio is a Berlin\London\Moscow based project providing museum experiences and guided tours online. The main goal of the project is to document the best temporary exhibitions in the field of art, history, anthropology, science and technology, giving them a new (digital) life after their completion. Project mission is to make visual culture more accessible to the general public, including hearing-impaired people (using subtitles in different languages).

Virtual tours made in cooperation with artists, curators, scholars and scientists, theatre and film directors create an open platform for project presentation and discussion. Records are available online and are combined with live broadcasts from the museums and galleries in the cinemas, theatres and art spaces worldwide. This provides a unique opportunity to everyone to attend the exhibition and to participate distantly in the live tours.

Combining digital guided tours with interviews of the experts from various fields of knowledge Excoursio team is seeking to create unique museum experiences for each visitor and to create a discussion around exhibitions that goes beyond the museum building.

The project's visual identity was to present diversity, constant motion, flexibility and individual approach to each visitor. Each of the 4 project's main directions (Art, Culture, Science, Practices) is colour-coded. The logo is in constant movement and search of focus. It is always a bit different on all the communication materials and applications.

Another part of visual identity is colour lines, never printed, always drawn by hand across all the communication materials. In order to communicate the ideas of motion, flexibility and individual approach the lines represent the visitors' self-directed movement paths in the exhibition space while following the virtual tour, choosing from various options and tailoring the tour according to their needs.
German Brand Award 2019
Red Dot Communication Design Award 2018



Logo animation:
Nikita Galimyanov

Anton Minz

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