Written by S. D. \ Написано Сергеем Довлатовым
Editorial Design
Notes written by film director Roma Liberov on the making of "Written by Sergei Dovlatov" documentary animated film.

Born in Leningrad, half-Armenian, half-Jewish Dovlatov began publishing in Soviet Estonia before emigrating to the United States in the '70s. Residing in New York, he published about a dozen books in Russian, contributed several pieces to The New Yorker and then drank himself to death in 1990.

"Written by Sergei Dovlatov" was shot in St. Petersburg, the Komi Republic, Tallinn, Pushkin Mountains and New York - all these places left a bright trace in the life of Dovlatov. Released in 2012 the film is made up of fragments of Dovlatov`s works, letters, interviews, editorial columns and features unique documents and photos. Original music for the film written by a group Billy's Band.

In New York Dovlatov launched and co-edited Novy Amerikanets (The New American), a liberal, Russian-language emigre newspaper, which became a big hit in emigre circles. This special limited edition of the director's notes was designed as The New American newspaper edition using 1980's visual language, typography and advertisements conveying the atmosphere of Dovlatov's epoch and emigre subculture of that time.
Roma Liberov


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