By Hand № 27.
Igor Severyanin
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We were commissioned to create illustration for the new 27th issue of the poetic comic-series "By Hand". The new edition was dedicated to the poem Classic Roses by the poet Igor Severyanin (1887-1941). Severyanin was a Russian poet who presided over the cycle of the so-called Ego-Futurists. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, Severyanin was one of the first poets to leave Russia. He tried to return to Russia later, but could not and died in exile.

This illustration shows immigration as a quest game, in a new post-revolutionary reality in which the poet's figure does not fit in any way. The poet's life is pictured through St. Petersburg's granite embankments along with some references to Severyanin's poems the player collects during the quest while in the end of the game he finds his death in Soviet Estonia.

Classic Roses

In the days when swarming dreams
In people's hearts, transparent and clear,
How nice, how fresh the roses were
My love, and glory, and spring!

Summer has passed, and tears are pouring everywhere ...
There is no country, nor those who lived in the country ...
How good, how fresh roses are today
Memories of the past day!

But the days are coming - the thunderstorms are already subsiding.
Back to home Russia is looking for a trail ...
How good, how fresh roses will be,
My country threw me in a coffin!

ULYSSES Foundation for Support of Culture


Roma Liberov

Design Studio Baklazanas

Portrait Illustration:
Shari Santo

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