100 Years Anniversary of King Tutankhamun Tomb's Discovery
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2022 marked the centenary of British archaeologist Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, one of the most famous and important discoveries of its kind globally, which spurred renewed interest in Ancient Egypt and the marvels of Luxor.

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on Friday launched a campaign to mark the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb. The aim of the campaign was to introduce some pieces discovered in the tomb of the so-called "boy king," who ascended the throne when he was between eight and nine years of age, to raise awareness and publicize this great discovery, which was made on November 4, 1922.
The main festive event took place on November 4, 2023 in Luxor Temple.

We were asked to design the logo for the campaign. The logo design for Tutankhamun centennial celebration features Tutankhamun's throne name in a cartouche. Research showed that this cartouche is one of the most recognisable attributes associated with Tutankhamun. Even non-egyptologists know that it contains the name of king Tutankhamun.

The two rearing cobras are the protective deities of the king ready to strike and kill his enemies. The logo is topped with crescent and full moons representing the eternal cycle of time and rebirth. In a metaphorical sense we can say that the discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb became the king's rebirth. He is remembered, praised and adored in his new afterlife since 1922.

Balanced symmetrical composition used in the logo was common for ancient Egypt. The character of the logo conveys the ideas of royalty, protection, eternal life, majesty and magnificence. Combined together with simple contemporary typography the logo looks classic and festive at the same time.

The logo is using traditional ancient Egyptian colours: yellow/gold (sun and eternity), and black (underworld and resurrection). It also works well in black and white. When printed in monochrome slightly different thickness of the logo lines creates a subtle shimmer, reminiscent of gold shining in the dark.


Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (Egypt)

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